ExxonMobil's Lockout of USW Oilworkers Endangers Community

ExxonMobil has chosen to place our community at risk by operating the Beaumont refinery without its highly-trained union workforce when they chose to lockout 650 hourly workers represented by USW Local 13-243.  

Skilled and experienced union workers know the risks at the refinery and blending/packaging plant, and we all remember the explosion and fire at TPC in Port Neches at the end of 2019 – injuries, evacuations, sheltering in place, environmental damage and other consequences.

Flaring takes place when burning off flammable gas during unplanned events and abnormal unit operations.  This can cause internal fires and, in a worst-case scenario, an explosion.  Essential workers who have been locked out by ExxonMobil have been forced to stand outside the gates and just watch as they witness flaring. 

How much longer will ExxonMobil choose to put our community at risk?  It’s time for ExxonMobil to end the lockout and bargain a fair contract which returns skilled workers to the job. For more information call 409-842-3952.